Support your delightful experience with cutting-edge technology

Softer and smoother

Solving a common issue across brands and products. Innovative ceramic atomizing technology for authentic flavor rendering and fresher throat-feel

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A New Level of User-friendly

Worried about adjusting to a high-tech alternative from the analog version? The calibrated draw resistance ensures every inhale feels real, keeping the familiar and bringing in the better. The SmartPace feature does all the counting for you, and when the battery level dips below 30%, the front indicator light turns into a gorgeous red.

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Incredible Flavor Experiences

Savor an ultra-enjoyable mouthfeel thanks to a revolutionary internal structure designed to elevate flavors. It can't get any better than this? Wait till you try our specially-formulated signature line of brand-new treats and old classics with a fresh twist, available for use only with the Alpha.

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Visionary Design and Intensive Craftsmanship

Inspired by an ancient Chinese design philosophy and created by a Red Dot Award-winning product designer, each device is produced painstakingly over a course of 336 hours using the finest production methods known to man. Rest assured, no one looks ugly when holding an Alpha.

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